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Why I started Brainy Bunch ?

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Picture Above : 1st Brainy Bunch Saujana Impian Kajang

Just like any other parents, I want to provide the best for my children and the best to my family. When Danish was born 18 years ago, our lives have changed tremendously and most of the things we did, evolved around him. We were trying to provide the best way to nurture him to develop as a loving, caring and responsible Muslim who want to obey Allah and want to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet.

I know it is not going to be an easy feat, and with the current ecosystem that we have in our jobs as parents, it will be very tough. I want him and all my children to be able to practice the Deen completely by the time they become adults like us.

We are now living in a system that is designed to be run like a Godless society. Islam is being practiced only as a small part of our lives. The education, economy and even the health systems are being designed to ensure that we do not follow and obey Allah in totality.

Corruptions, manipulations, wastages, hatred, greed, family failures and extreme lack of love are the results of the current systems. Unfair wealth distributions, RIBA based systems that only benefit a handful, were designed to enslave most of us resulting in the super elite of 3% of the world’s population amassing the entire world's wealth. 8 richest men in the world owned a net worth equivalent to the 3.6 billion population of the world!

Knowing all this should make us think deeply about what our children's future will be like if we do not execute a plan to create our own version of an ecosystem that will protect our eeman and our deen!

Is it possible ? Would it be too much ? Can we actually execute this?

I truly believe that it is POSSIBLE! Yes we CAN!

Look at China! Look at the Zionist! Look at Singapore! And many references of countries or societies who started with nothing but in the end achieved their objectives by having a clear goal, a strategy and executing their action plan.

Allah said in the Quran ‘Indeed in the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad SAW) you have a good example to follow for him who hopes in (the Meeting with) Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah much.’

Quran (Surah Al-Ahzab, Verse 21)

As believers, we believe that success to us is when Allah ‘redho’ with us. Just like the companions of the prophet. Those who attained the redho of Allah will get the absolute protections from Allah! They will enjoy the straight path (short cut) and the pleasure that Allah grants!

In short, being successful in both worlds is only achievable when we practice complete deen, where we are able to obey Allah and truly follows the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Let’s just recap what our beloved prophet did and how we could do the same by simply following in his footsteps.

In the first 13 years of Islam in Madinah, our Prophet only delivered the message of Eeman to Allah and to him as the last messenger of Allah!

This is the fundamental of faith and must be strengthened throughout our lives. One cannot possess a strong eeman without working on it and continuously nurture, renew and revive it!

But in Makkah, Islam couldn’t be practiced in totality as the Muslims were very weak back then (pretty much like our current situation). When Allah commanded Hijrah, the Muhajirin left almost everything in Makkah and followed the Prophet to be reunited with the Ansor in Madinah. One significant change is the bi’ah (environment) from not being able to practice complete deen to an environment (bi’ah) that ensures deen is being practiced completely!

Our Prophet Muhammad SAW lived with the Companions that he loved very much. He built a Masjid as the center of congregation or the Jamaah. They Solat together with the Jamaah that they knew dearly, attended classes together, coached and helped each other in seeking Allah’s pleasure.

Prophet Muhammad SAW did not stop there! The deen does not stop at the Masjid only. He instructed for a market place to be created. The Companions raised funds to set up the market that actually paved the way for the creation of the true Islamic economy. No more oppression, no riba, only fairness and justice were given to all traders.

If we were to get our children to be truly successful believers, we must strive to follow the Prophet’s footpath today!

  1. Brainy Bunch was created to focus on nurturing and solidifying eeman in the heart of our children to want to obey Allah and follow the teachings of the Prophet as this is the best way for us to maximize our true potential. We exposed our children to the 6 characteristics of the companions to be imbued in their daily lives. Brainy Bunch inculcates qualities that are commonly found in all the Sahabas (radiallahu anhum). If one brings these into his life, then following the complete Deen will be easy and natural for him. These six qualities are:

(1) Kalimah: "There is no god but Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam) is His messenger. Allah can do every single thing without the help of the creations, and the creations cannot do anything without the help of Allah. The only way to succeed in this world and the next (life after death) is to walk on the path shown by Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam)."

Only ALLAH has the POWER and His Creations ( Makhluk) have NO POWER at ALL!

(2) Salaat with Khushu’ and Khudu’:

"Daily prayers that are essential to spiritual elevation, piety, and a life free from the ills of the material world. To build a connection with Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala and to gain from His unlimited treasures"

(3) I'lm and Zikir: "The thirst for knowledge and remembrance of Allah conducted in sessions in which every individual contributes whatever knowledge which one can regarding performing prayers, reciting the Al Quran and reading Hadith and to gain the remembrance of Allah taa'la in every action.

(4) Ikram-Ul-Muslimin: "The treatment of fellow Muslim as brothers with honor and deference, to love the youngsters and respect the elders and have respect for the scholars of Islam"

(5) Ikhlas-I-Niyyat: "Reforming one’s life in supplication to Allah by performing every (good) human action for the sake of Allah and toward the goal of self-transformation"

(6) Dawah and Tabligh: "The sparing of time to live a life based on faith and learning its virtues, following in the footsteps of the Prophet, and taking His message door-to-door for the sake of faith. Since Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam) was the last and final messenger of Allah Subhanataa'la, it is our duty to now carry on this noble work of the Prophets, i.e. call others to obey Allah and follow our beloved Prophet as much as we can.

This is on top of our current Islamic curriculum and as always, we focus on the practical application of our religion in our daily lives.

  1. Life skills as well as “learning on how to learn” are being taught by letting children master the 5W 1H framework (Why, What, When, Where, Who and How)

  2. Brainy Bunch SPICE (Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Creative and Emotional) curriculum is being used to measure and assess the children's progress and GAP bridging plan is executed in a continuous effort to strive for our children to fully develop.

  3. Over the years we observed that it is indeed a difficult task to get our children, our staff and even ourselves to practice a complete deen without the bi’ah/environment. We are currently working towards building a modern Islamic village to provide a strong Islamic way of life just like the Prophet’s and his companion’s

  4. Following the footpath of the Prophet, we started a marketplace for our children and ourselves to participate together. The marketplace was designed for our children to have access to the real marketplace where they can practice all the lessons that they have learned in school. You can't teach them empathy, grit, da’wah, or entire life skills just in school.

  5. Our main goal is to create an Islamic ecosystem for all us to be able to practice complete deen. We can't do this alone and we hope all parents will support and understand how important this initiative is to our children's futures.

  6. Malakat Mall should be used as our children's real training ground before they leave our school for the world.

  7. There are many more initiatives that we need to start and do together. I would like all parents to come onboard to discuss and come up with an action plan for us to do it together. A conference and a roundtable discussion will be conducted soon to unite all our parents and us to be together.

  8. Any financial return that we gain is to be maximized to strengthen our community especially our children inshaAllah!

  9. We would also like to invite all of our parents to participate in Brainy Bunch Part Owner for International Preschool/Daycare campus expansion. InshaAllah 1,000 new campuses will be open by the end of next year.

Let’s unite our heart, our fikr and our action in our path to strive for Allah to bless us with His redho and grant us the straight path so we could attain true success in both worlds.

From your loving Brother!

Coach Fadzil

Founder of Malakat Eco Group and Brainy Bunch

above picture : Our Brainy Bunch International School in Cyberjaya

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