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‘Brainy Bunch is the World’s Leader in Islamic Montessori education with a specialisation in teaching, coaching and helping children to be Brainy and Impactful by providing an Islamic, Montessori and English-speaking environment, through the Brainy SPICE education framework to assist children to attain success in both worlds’

#BeBrainy #BrainyImpact


Why We Created Brainy Bunch?

  • The first 6 years is the most important period of education

  • Instilling and nurturing love to obey Allah and to love and follows the Sunnah via daily practices

  • Providing Islamic, Montessori and English prepared environment

Our Vision

Teach, Coach and Help children to Be Brainy & Impactful to attain ‘Success In Both Worlds’


Our Mission

  • Nurturing 10 Million children worldwide to create a positive impact on Ummah via BRAINY BUNCH SPICE development model. 

  • Producing 1 million world-class Education Coach who educates, coach and helps to maximise each and every child’s true potential

  • To design and build International Standard for Islamic Education Framework to ensure the quality and minimum standard of Islamic education are achieved.

  • To be the World No 1 Preferred Brand in early & primary education

Our Core



  • Islam is taught as a way of life.
    5 Loves:
    – Love Allah SWT
    – Love Prophet SAW
    – Love Jannah
    – Love Parents
    – Love Others
    Sunnah Practices Adab
    3x Solat: Dhuha | Zohor | Asr
    Solat Audit

A strong Islamic foundation is important to produce dynamic Muslims with Al-Quran and Hadith as their true guidance in life. 



  • Mixed-age group
    VAK Learning
    (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic)
    Child-centric: follow the child’s pace
    10 core subjects;
    – EPL
    – Sensorial
    – Maths
    – Language
    – Islamic
    – PE
    – Creative Subjects
    – Music + Movements
    – Storytelling + Conversation
    – Cultural

The Montessori Methods encapsulate the development of the multiple intelligence found in all children.



  • Main medium of instructions and
    All subjects are taught in English.
    Main target is for the children to
    converse in English.
    Graded Phonetic;
    – Pink(488 words)
    – Blue (484 words)
    – Green (249 words)
    Total 1221 words

We use English as the medium of instruction and communication to prepare our children for their world-changing future.

Our Education Framework


Brainy SPICE

The Brainy SPICE is a complete education framework developed to provide a holistic approach to ensure each child is educated to be a successful all-rounder, both in this world and the hereafter

The Brainy Roadmap

To attain Success In Both Worlds, we have set the step by step technique called ‘The Brainy Roadmap’ for our children to achieve the GOAL MASTERY based on 5 SPICE Elements.


Understanding THE BIG WHY; the reality that is happening around them and inside themself. This is important for our children to keep motivated and continue to take the steps forward.


Setting THE RIGHT MINDSET is important for our children to have a clear intention and objectives that they wanted to succeed.


The Mastery Target is to have a Clear Vision of what they need to master in every aspect of SPICE even though it may take them many years.


Setting a New Routine in their daily life. Starting with the minimum daily KPI until the practices become a habit.


The final step is to Love Others. Becoming a master in all aspects of SPICE does not mean anything if they did not help others become as good as them or better than them.



How Do We Operate?

  • Managed and Operated centrally by Brainy Bunch Headquarters in Cyberjaya.

  • Structured Timetable.

  • Proper Reporting Flow: Teacher > Campus Manager > Division Manager > COO > CEO

  • Career Growth Potential: Teacher > Special Teacher > Assistant Campus Manager > Assistant Division Manager > Division Manager

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