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Switch To Brainy Bunch Today

and Enjoy Waived Annual Fee* !

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"I already enrolled my child somewhere else, but I want him to join Brainy Bunch."

🚀 Ready for an upgrade?  If you've signed up your child somewhere else but dream of the Brainy Bunch experience, no worries!

Introducing the BRAINY BUNCH SWITCH PROGRAM – where you can seamlessly switch and enjoy Waived Annual Fee*.

📚 Give your child the Brainy Bunch holistic education without worry. We understand your desire for the best education, and now you can make the switch effortlessly. We'll even offset the Annual Registration fees when you register with us.

🏫✨Unlock a world of quality education, holistic development, and a vibrant learning environment. Seize this opportunity to switch to Brainy Bunch and elevate your child's educational journey.

Limited slots available – make the switch today!


Register now by filling the form below.

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