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Montessori Pouring Exercise

Montessori Apparatus – Pouring Exercise

#1. Pouring large beans

Learning eye-hand coordination is important in the overall development of all children. These can be achieved by doing certain activities. Pouring large beans is one of the first activities that can be done.

#2. Pouring small beans

Next to the large beans pouring is the pouring of small beans from one jug to the other. More concentration is required in this activity.

#3. Pouring water from jug to jug

As the child becomes more proficient in pouring beans, the next step is to challenge the skill of the child with pouring water from jug to jug.

#4. Pouring water from jug to cups.

The next exercise is to ask the child to pour water from a jug to a cup without spilling. This exercise will involve all of the child’s concentration and acquired skills in pouring.

#5. Pouring water through a funnel

Of the skills in pouring, the activity with a funnel is the most challenging because the child learns to estimate just the right amount of water to pour through the funnel whilst taking care not to over-pour resulting in spillage.

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