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A Teacher’s Day Story

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, and Most Merciful. My name is Radin and I am proud to be an educator. I have a couple of experiences before becoming a teacher in Brainy Bunch Ampang Point. I was as a home tutor, high-school substitute and home teacher, Tutor for new police constables before graduating from the training centre. All these platforms use English as the medium of communication and instruction, and because of the variety of ages and educational backgrounds of my students, these have made me improve more on my communication skills in teaching.

My passion to educate keeps me going and my personal satisfaction is to see the improvement in my students at the end of the day. I will make sure that every student understands or at least has a picture of what I want to deliver to them. It seems to be impossible to ensure full participation in class. However, with the right encouragement and approach, a teacher can divert the student’s point of view on the importance of learning or being knowledgeable. The right combination of approaches according to the audience’ levels is the key to get students’ attention in class, thus churning the fun in class and learning together. My first experience was teaching teenagers, where it was quite easy because they can listen and understand right away.

However, there will be a huddle of boys or girls especially in government schools who have their own immature point of view about learning and even though they understood my words, they refused to follow. But when I eventually took control of the class, we can have sunshine every day. Small group activities would be a perfect pedagogy to increase the student’s confidence and vocabulary level. My second workplace was teaching constables. This was quite easy because they were adults and they had the knowledge already having learnt English at least from high school. In this case, I only had to refresh their memory and let them gain back their confidence to converse in English. However, not all batches were easy. There were also a few cases where they were completely unaware of English and proper pronunciations of words. For this, a one-on-one session would be the perfect pedagogy to learn English and encourage them to gain the confidence to speak in English. As this was a short all day long class as their duties require them to attend to their regular duties such as being the arsenal watchman and they didn’t take a strolls individually to any location… except by marching. Participation is crucial, so I have to keep them alive and ready to learn. They will take 10 every 30 minutes on each session to have Q&A slots at that time. I do respect the trainers in this institute for their discipline and their spirit of brotherhood, where everyone supports each other. When we were in line, I would be accepted amongst them.

Teaching children this is the toughest because they are very young and patience is crucial in teaching them. Not everybody could withstand being in this field unless you enjoy teaching and can be a firm, loving teacher. In Brainy Bunch, we are supposed to guide the children to follow their fitrah, making this as my next level of teaching experience, because I am going to draw the first guidelines for them to follow their fitrah on their own. A child’s mind is pure, simple, goal-oriented, and easily distracted that dwells within a small body possessed with enormous energy. Let them have just the right energy to learn and absorb, applying what they have learnt in life. What better gift if not the improvements and class participation. Peer interactive learning is a flawless pedagogy to enhance the student’s English proficiency, numerical acumen and all other lessons in a short time. I do feel enjoyment in teaching and it makes me happy when I see the positive outcomes after the end of the sessions. There are always gaps to patch up the oversights. Passion in doing something makes it flow smoothly. All in all, spreading words of thought is my career and I am proud to be a teacher.


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