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Thank You #SportsDay2016

Brainy Bunch International Islamic Montessori’s Sports Day 2016 for Klang valley has ended with a blast! Alhamdulillah, with cooperation from all, we have managed to finish the event in record time. Despite the arrival of the blazing sun towards the end of the event, the children were able to perform and play to their hearts’ content. That being said, we would like to extend our appreciation to all parents for your endless support towards Brainy Bunch and we hope that all who have attended our Sports Day enjoyed it and had a great time. This would not have been complete without your presence to cheer for the children. We would also like to apologize for any shortcomings that happened during the event.

On a special high note, we wish to announce that in shaa Allah, all of our future Sports Day events shall be held in our very own Cyberjaya Campus grounds starting next year. And you, our very dear parents, will be the first to see the progress of this endeavor via our videos through RaudhahTV.

You can view all the pictures taken during our Sports Day in our HQ Facebook account: and also view our videos in our Brainy News Network channel on Youtube. If you are an avid user of Instagram and Twitter, don’t forget to hash-tag #ilovebrainybunch, #iambrainybunch and #Sportsday2016 whenever you upload all videos and images during our Sports Day. If your child is going to finish primary this year and is looking for an elementary school to send your child to for next year, fret not, because we have just the right school with the right balance of a well-designed scholastic and Islamic curriculum for children. Contact us at 1700-81-6077 for more info on our Brainy Bunch Elementary.

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