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Tips For Parents by Coach Fadzil

1. If you love your child, prepare them to have the qualities of people of Jannah!

2. Set your child's goal to attain success in this world with clear intention to be successful in the hereafter!

3. Do not punish your child when you are angry.

4. Always give attention to your child especially when they are talking to you!

5. If you push them when they are small they will push you away when they are big!

6. Ask your child to make doa for you as early as 2 years old!

7. Set a SMART goal and act towards your goal.

8. Start with the end in mind!

9. Love others unconditionally.

10. A true believer will never be satisfied in doing good until he reaches Jannah.

11. Remind your children that Solat is the most important deed in our life!

12. Guide your child to have a bigger SMART goal in life.

13. Inspire your child to always strive on how to help others.

14. Instill the Love of Doing Sunnah in your child.

15. Don't say everything you think, act on it.

Tadika Brainy Bunch; Leader in Personalizing Education

Islamic | Montessori | English

"Success In Both World"

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