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My Children Always Read Du'as Before Doing Anything - Parents Testimonials

Mr Badrol and wife chose Brainy Bunch for their children’s bright future.

"Two of my children have been a part of Brainy Bunch for a total of five years.

It's the small things that really touch my heart. How my children would always read the specific du'as before eating, before entering the bathroom or before doing any actions. That really impresses me a lot considering we as parents sometimes forgot to do so.

We can see that this is being practiced a lot in Brainy Bunch and I'm proud of that as a parent."

Your children can also get the same benefit by choosing Brainy Bunch.

Pilih Brainy Bunch!

Brainy Bunch; Leader in Personalizing Education

Islamic | Montessori | English

"Success In Both Worlds"

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