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Parents Were Shocked When Umar Read The Tahiyat Awal Fluently

Another benefit of reciting their prayer recitation aloud at school is, your children will be able to hear and follow the recitation of their friends.

At Brainy Bunch, your children will perform 3 solat everyday; Dhuha, Zohor & Asar. Every solat session they will recite their solat recitation aloud. This will help your children to fimiliarize with the recitations by following their friends who can recite them correctly.

And we are sure that Umar benefited from this as he is now able to read the Tahiyat Awal fully at home. Alhamdulillah.

We want your children to be able to recite the recitations correctly too. Register your interest now and let's help your children to be a better Muslim today.

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