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My Son Improved A Lot Just One Year At Brainy Bunch

"I just wanted to send him to school so that he can meet some friends and have fun. It's has only been a year but there is a lot of progress already."

En. Ridzuan from Bandar Botanic campus said that his intention of enrolling his son to Brainy Bunch was for him to meet friends and have fun.

Growing up during the pandemic era was though. Staying home most of the time and hardly meeting friends or any other children of the same age was a major issue. So En. Ridzuan saw that letting his son go to school was the only solution to help his so widen his horizon.

"I do not expect much from my son. But in his 1 year at Brainy Bunch, I can see a lot of improvements. The way he talks to people, he can now say hi to people and not shy anymore. As parent, that is the type of confidence that I want my son to have."

En. Ridzuan benefited when he chose Brainy Bunch for his child. You can also have the same benefit for your children.

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