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My Daughter Speaks English Confidently and Perform Prayer on Her Own

"My children is now confident to speak English and can now bring theirself anywhere and on any occasion.

They perform the prayer on their own without needing me to tell them to. They are also fast to memorize the long surah."

Puan Anisah, a parent from Puchong Utama campus is one of the many parents that is satisfied with the performance of their children upon sending them to Brainy Bunch.

She said that it is amazing what her children had achieved and done in terms of Islamic and education.

"My personal opinion, please send your children to Brainy Bunch."

Brainy Bunch provides a 100% English speaking environment that will help your children to communicate in English comfortably and confidently.

We also train your children to perform solat independently and do solat audit.

With the right environment and method, your children too can speak English confidently and perform solat independently. Help them to achieve their potential!

Choose Brainy Bunch!

Brainy Bunch; Leader in Personalizing Education

Islamic | Montessori | English

"Success In Both Worlds"

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