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Learnt to Take Wudu, Perform Solat & Recite Al-Fatihah in Just 3 Months in Brainy Bunch

"He learned how to take wudhu, perform solat, and recite Al-Fatihah in just three months at Brainy Bunch. He had never previously cooperated when we attempted to teach him at home."

Children at Brainy Bunch perform Dhuha, Zuhur, and Asar, three solats each day.

We are certain that Puan Liz's child benefited from being in the correct environment and was able to make the growth he gained.

Your child will be able to independently recite Al-Fatihah and solat if you make it a daily practice.

Enrol your child at a Brainy Bunch campus near by. Help your child be the best Muslim possible!

Brainy Bunch: The Leader in Personalised Learning Experience

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"Success In Both Worlds"

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