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Both My Girls Can Now Recite the Solat & Learned the Surahs

"I can clearly see a lot of improvement since 2017. There is such a big difference between now and when she first started. She did it!"

Puan Shazana was emotional that day. In her perspective, it was a big accomplishment to have her daughter Kayla represent Brainy Bunch Sek 15, Bangi campus by reciting a hadith and explaining its meaning. Alhamdulillah.

"Her ability to speak with confidence and converse with others while forming friendships is one to highlight. And thank God, both of my girls are able to recite the solat and have already learned the surahs."

One of the guarantees that Brainy Bunch offers at your children's graduation at the age of six is that they will be able to perform solat, memorise and learn surahs.

Discover a Brainy Bunch today if you want your child to be able to reach these milestones. Sign up now if you're interested!

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