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A Ramadhan Poem

A Ramadhan Poem

The month is here when heaven is opened Fear not for the gates of hell are closed The pangs of hunger and thirst disappear When we pray to Allah, we know He is here.

The Ramadhan Allah has given to rejoice and reflect On the blessings bestowed, yet sometimes we reject We continue to sin, to err, to transgress But Allah, The Al-Knowing knows what is best.

Increase your da’wah, your knowledge of the Qur’an Increase your solat and doa and give what you can To the poor and needy more so in Ramadhan Remember to Jannah is the trip we should plan.

Carry on with life as normal in Ramadhan Don’t feign excuses that work can’t be done Keep in mind that reward in this month is multiplied If good deeds, good thoughts, good aklaq are applied.

So keep steady your fast from dusk till dawn Pray to Allah our good deeds be written down By angels known as Kiramaan Khaatibeen On A’maal Naamah in the hereafter to be seen.

Written by Ladyana Z. Abdullah

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