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8 Ways to Improve Your Prayer

Muslims are required to establish ritual prayers 5 times a day at specified times. Praying is a way to communicate, thank and remember Allah. However, many struggles with maintaining their prayers, completing them on time, or staying focused throughout. The following are some tips that will help, Insha’Allah.

1. Purity through Wudu'

Apart from a requirement before prayer, ablution is also a form of self cleansing; mentally and spiritually. When you are washing your face, hands, feets and wiping your head, do it with true intention of improving your religion.

2. Pray on Time

When one prays on time, this means that they have left all worldly affairs and dedicated this time to Allah. This also falls under purifying our souls and working on improving yourself.

3. Contemplate What You Are Reciting

By making an effort to understand the verses that you are reciting, you will be able to form a deep connection with Allah and allows you to maintain focus throughout your prayers.

4. Pray in Congregation

This will create a sense of unity with those you pray with and would create discipline, time-consciousness and a sense of direction.

5. Eliminate Distractions

Try to pray in a quiet place, where you know there will be no distractions. Distractions are not only on your phone or your business but can also be from your family and children!

6. Take Your Time

When you pray, take your time! Remember that Allah ﷻ is in control of the situation you might be rushing to. More importantly, remember that you are standing in front of the lord of the worlds!

7. Follow the Sunnah

Frequently, we may neglect the teachings of our prophet and only complete the required, compulsory prayer. However, we must follow the Sunnah. This can be done by praying the voluntary prayers which will directly increase our rewards and further our connection with Allah ﷻ.

8. Dua - Supplication to Allah

We should continually ask Allah ﷻ to help us maintain our prayers on time, and stay focused throughout. This is a very powerful tool, that provides you direct access to converse with Allah ﷻ.

If you need help, call upon Him. If you are facing hardships, call upon Him. If you are feeling blessed and content with your life, call upon Him and thank Him.

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