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5 Activities For Toddlers At Home

5 Activities For Toddlers at Home

The best activity for a toddler is to venture out into the playground, meet other toddlers and make friends. Interacting with other children will greatly assist in the child’s physical, social, emotional and linguistic developmental skills. However, sometimes that is not at all possible for working parents or even some stay-at-home mums. If indoor activities are all that can be achieved, here are some activities that you may wish to consider.

#1. Cotton Balls

This is a great way to improve your toddler’s motor skills. It is cheap and can be re-used as often as possible. You can extend this activity by asking the toddler to transfer the cotton balls from one basin to another. You can also variate this activity by teaching your toddler to use a pair of tongs to pick up the cotton balls from one container to another.

#2. Colour Sorting Bags

You know those big lego pieces that your child has? Well, they can also be used not just for stacking up but for sorting according to colours. Get several paper bags and coloured papers. Cut a small strip of each colour onto the side of the paper bag. Then ask your toddler to sort the lego into the respective colour paper bags. This will teach your youngster how to identify colours.

#3. Holding A Pencil

This is easy to do. Get some coloured pencils or crayons and introduce your toddler how to hold a pencil. Your child may not be able to hold this well in the beginning, but with constant practice, mastery will soon be achieved. With some A4 paper, draw some dots corresponding to any shape, letters or numbers and ask your toddler to follow the dotted lines.

#4 Child In A Box

Here’s another great idea. Do you have any of those big boxes that you just want to throw away after you have taken out the new appliances you just bought? Well, you can use that to keep your child occupied and keep your wall free (somewhat) from drawings? Just give your child a drawing pen or pencil and put him inside the box and let him draw away!!!

#5 Car Wash Day

When the sun is out, the most fun thing to do is to wash the car with mum or dad. It’s a great way to bond with your toddler and help him develop motor skills.

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