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This 8.4 acres School Complex
can be your child dream school!

 Learn in fun-filled environment 

Most Islamic School do not have complete facilities to help your child learn at their maximum capacity.


International Standard Facilities

The best enviroment for your children learning experience!

International Standard Syllabus

Registered under Ministry of Education (MOE)
The only Elementary & High School that adopts the Montessori method of learning.
Adopts International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

Best location located in Kuala Lumpur

What will your children get when they enroll to Brainy Bunch International Islamic Montessori School?

Customised learning for your child.
Holistic development for your child through the SPICE method.
Fully English speaking environment, even for Islamic studies.
Child is exposed to 4 languages: English, BM, Arabic and Mandarin.
Short trips to emphasise classroom Montessori learning.

Enrol now to get the best education for your children!

Affordable monthly fees for a purpose built school, designed to not only serve its students, but communities at large.

Enrol Now

Do not Forget to Register Your Interest.
**Limited Seats Available**

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