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Do you want your children to perform Solat as early as 4 years old?

The statistic in Malaysia showed that 80% of Muslims did not perform 5 times Solat a day. 

Islam is not just about ibadah but
Islam is a complete way of life

What our children need is the right environment to nurture the basic understanding and practical as a muslim including solat, quran, sunnah practices & adab.

Things that we do in Brainy Bunch,

Islam is taught as a way of life

Daily Sunnah Practices

Adab Concept & Practices

3 times Solat a day;
Dhuha | Zohor | Asr

Solat Audit

There are FIVE LOVES that are nurtured in students of Brainy Bunch.

Love Allah SWT

Love Parents

Love Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Love Jannah

Love Ummah

What do other parents said about Brainy Bunch?

Be part of Brainy Bunch family.

We guaranteed that your children will be able to SOLAT INDEPENDENTLY at the age of 6 years old & ABLE TO READ with minimal guidance.

Registered under Ministry of Education (MOE)
Adopts the Montessori method of learning.
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Awarded with 'The World's Best Brands' in the Asia Pacific

Enroll Today!

Get your children the best education in the world with Brainy Bunch.

Limited Seats Available

*first come first serve basis

One-to-one Lesson

Holistic Education

No Homework

Structured Timetable

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