“The Best among You are Those Who Learn the Quran and Teach It!”
Prophet Muhammad SAW, source Bukhari

The Brainy Bunch Dream Tahfiz Program was established with the objective of producing students who are able to memorise the Al-Quran, understand it and incorporate its teachings and values in their daily lives. It also aims for the students to be proficient in Arabic, for the sole purpose of understanding Al-Quran better.

Dream Tahfiz incorporates Islamic values in every aspects of life. The core emphasis of this program is the development of spiritual side of the students. The students will live in hostel and be taught the Sunnah way of living. In a stress-free environment, the students are free to memorise the Surahs at their own pace and present any topic that they are comfortable with during daily Tazkirah. The 5 daily Solat will be performed congregationally to inculcate the spirit of brotherhood.

What will they learn?
  1. Al-QuranHifzul:
    Quran (Muroja & Tasmi’)
    Tafsir QuranTajweed
  2. Arabic Language:
    Arabic Wal Qawaaid (Arabic Grammar)
    Shorf (Tenses)
    Mahfudzot (Wise Sayings)
    Muthola’ah (Fables)
  3. Islamic Studies:
    Fiqh Ibadah
    Ibadah Amalyyah
  4. ICT Cambridge (Technology)
  5. Physical Education
  6. Martial Arts
  7. Archery
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